Mistakes to avoid while going on a jet ski in Dubai

Jet skiing in Dubai has become an extremely popular activity among tourists and locals alike. Zooming across crystal clear waters with Dubai’s iconic skyline in the background makes for an incredible experience. However, there are some common mistakes that first-timers often make when going for a ski jet in Dubai that can quickly turn an enjoyable day into a dangerous situation. Being aware of these errors and knowing how to avoid them is key to having a safe and thrilling time on a jet ski.

  1. Not Wearing a Life Jacket

Out of all the crucial safety mistakes first-time jet skiers visiting Dubai make, failing to put on a proper life jacket tops the list for being the most dangerous oversight. Although many enthusiastic riders who are strong swimmers wrongfully assume they’ll be fine without floatation devices in the unlikely event they fall off, Dubai maritime law actually mandates that all jet ski operators and passengers wear an approved personal flotation device at all times. More importantly, the deceptively placid appearing waters around Dubai hide hazardous currents and unpredictabilities that make plunging into them without a life jacket tremendously dangerous – even for Olympic-level swimmers.

  1. Ignoring Safety Briefings

In the excitement to launch off at full throttle, it’s easy to dismiss the pre-ride safety briefings. But no matter your experience level, it’s crucial for first-timers in Dubai to pay close attention to these orientations. Instructors cover essential information like local traffic rules, operational controls, prohibited areas, emergency procedures and required hand signals that you must know to stay safe on Dubai waters. Don’t make the mistake of tuning out these briefings.

  1. Speeding in Crowded Areas

It’s very tempting to open up the throttle and go full speed ahead as soon as you launch. However, many major marinas and waterfronts in Dubai can become crowded quickly with jet skis, boats, kayakers and even swimmers. Navigating these congested areas at excessive speeds is extremely dangerous. Always begin your rental by cruising at modest speeds around docks and beaches until you reach wider unobstructed areas to safely accelerate. This avoids collisions and allows time to adjust to controlling your jet ski.

  1. Not Checking Your Fuel Gauge

With the distraction of Dubai’s mesmerizing views, it’s shockingly common for eager riders to neglect monitoring their fuel supply. Suddenly running out of petrol kilometers away from your rental center can instantly turn an enjoyable day into a nightmare. Before setting off, familiarize yourself with the fuel levels and plan to refill at roughly the halfway point. That ensures you have enough for the return leg, avoiding an unpleasant and potentially dangerous stranding.

  1. Rider Overloading the Jet Ski

Standard jet skis are designed for a maximum of two people – one driver and one passenger seated behind. Trying to cram additional passengers onto a jet ski by having people sit sideways or in the storage areas can overload the craft. This affects balance and maneuverability, capsizing risks and adds excessive weight. Many nasty spills happen due to overloading so stick strictly to your jet ski’s intended passenger limit at all times.

  1. Standing Up Mid-Ride

A very unstable and unsafe habit of novice jet skiers is suddenly trying to stand upright while the jet ski is still moving to reposition themselves or stretch their legs. This drastically raises the center of gravity and disturbs the delicate balance of steering. If you absolutely must stand, bring the jet ski to a complete stop first in a safe spot away from other vessels. But most riders should avoid the urge to pop up mid-ride altogether.

  1. Drinking Alcohol Beforehand  

Having a couple of drinks always sounds like a fun enhancement before recreational activities. However, alcohol and fast powerful personal watercraft are absolutely not a smart combination. Impaired balance, vision and judgment can be disastrous for jet ski riders. Strict boating under the influence laws also apply for jet skis in Dubai with severe penalties that could ruin your vacation. For your own safety and avoiding legal issues, don’t ever operate any watercraft after drinking.

  1. Insufficient Fuel for Return Journey

It’s quite common for eager first-timers to zoom off excitedly at full speed the instant they leave their rental center without considering they need to conserve enough fuel for returning. Jet fuel burns quickly at fast speeds. Suddenly running your tank dry miles away from where you started can turn a magical experience into an expensive nightmare rescue. Avoid getting stranded by filling your tank beforehand and keeping speeds modest early on to save fuel reserves for your trip home.

  1. Failing to Apply Sunscreen

The desert climate means scorching sun in Dubai all year with heightened UV rays bouncing off the waters. Many tourists find themselves distracted having fun that they neglect to reapply sunscreen as frequently as needed. The results range from painful sunburns to dangerous heat strokes that require medical aid. Don’t become a victim of the deceptive ocean breezes. Be sure to pack waterproof SPF30 cream and administer thoroughly and regularly when jet skiing to avoid nasty burns.  

  1. Not Carrying Proper ID

All jet ski operators in Dubai require registered riders to present valid government-issued photo identification before rentals are approved. But excited visitors sometimes leave wallets behind mistakenly thinking their hotel keys or photocopies of passports will suffice. Without proper IDs for verification and submitting copies to local authorities, jet ski rental centers legally cannot release machines to unidentified customers. Don’t waste your time arguing – simply remember to carry your passport or Emirates ID when booking Dubai jet ski activities.


It’s easy amidst all the thrill-seeking fun to forget essential safety measures or unwittingly break local rules that can bring your blissful jet skis Dubai experience to an abrupt halt. Avoid finding yourself in troublesome scenarios by being conscious of these common mistakes first-timers often make so your time spent zipping across Dubai waters stays sensational. Taking a few simple precautions means you get to simply relax and create amazing memories rather than dealing with dangerous mishaps. So remain attentive and your Dubai jet ski adventure is sure to exceed your wildest expectations!