What Is A Gainer Flip?

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What Is A Gainer Flip?

A gainer flip, a breathtaking acrobatic maneuver performed in the realm of freerunning and parkour, represents the pinnacle of athleticism, skill, and daring creativity. This gravity-defying stunt captivates audiences and fellow practitioners alike with its seamless blend of athleticism and artistry.

The Artistry Of Freerunning

Freerunning, an urban discipline born from parkour, goes beyond efficient movement. It emphasizes creativity, self-expression, and pushing the boundaries of physical capabilities. A gainer flip stands as a testament to the artistic and athletic prowess within this thrilling practice.

Understanding The Gainer Flip

  • Backward Momentum: At its core, a gainer flip involves a backward motion, often initiated by running or jumping, creating momentum while moving away from the direction of the flip.
  • Backflip Rotation: Unlike a traditional backflip performed from a stationary position, the gainer flip involves a backflip motion while moving forward or diagonally, resulting in a forward trajectory upon landing.
  • Technical Execution: Freerunners and athletes executing the gainer flip require precise timing, body control, and spatial awareness. The rotation must be initiated with enough height and momentum to complete the flip and safely land facing the direction of motion.

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The Physical And Mental Challenge

  • Athleticism: Mastery of the gainer flip demands exceptional athleticism, including strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination. Athletes must hone their physical capabilities to execute the required movements with precision.
  • Risk and Confidence: Performing a gainer flip involves an element of risk. Overcoming fear and building confidence through rigorous training and practice are crucial aspects of mastering this skill.

The Artistic Expression

  • Creativity: Beyond the technicality, the gainer flip allows practitioners to express their unique style and creativity. Variations, such as adding twists or combining it with other movements, showcase individual flair within the discipline.
  • Spectacle and Performance: Whether in competitive settings, exhibitions, or viral videos, the gainer flip captivates audiences, drawing admiration for its combination of athleticism and artistic expression.

Safety And Practice

Training and Progression: Mastery of the gainer flip requires extensive training, starting with foundational movements and gradually progressing to more complex maneuvers under the guidance of experienced coaches or mentors.

Safety Measures: Practitioners emphasize safety precautions, including proper warm-ups, padding, and practice in controlled environments, to mitigate the inherent risks associated with acrobatic movements like the gainer flip.


The gainer flip exemplifies the fusion of athleticism and artistic expression within the world of freerunning and parkour. It serves as a testament to human ingenuity and physical capability, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while captivating audiences with its mesmerizing beauty and sheer audacity. As practitioners continue to innovate and push the limits of their craft, the gainer flip stands as an awe-inspiring symbol of the freerunning discipline’s thrilling artistry and athleticism.


What Is The Difference Between A Backflip And A Gainer?

As long as it’s a backflip that is traveling forwards, it’s a gainer. And then there is the gainer in tricking… In tricking it’s simply a backflip that takes off of one foot. However a gainer doesn’t have to be completely inverted to be considered as one.

What Does Gainer Mean In Gymnastics?

A gainer is a skill performed off of one leg where the other, free leg is swung backward or forward to help the gymnast gain momentum into the movement.

What Is A Gainer Trick?

The Gainer Flash (often referred to just as “gainer”) is the fundamental trick on which all backswing tricks are built upon. It flips on almost a completely inverted axis, but a bit of leeway is allowed. Flash Kick.

Why Do They Call It A Gainer?

Note that Thompson gives a comprehensive explanation of what it means to gain: Thompson names it the Gainer Back Somersault, because he gains on himself as he leaves the platform, jumping out forward, six or eight feet, before turning a complete backward somersault in his descent.

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