What is a THC Vape Pen?

In this modern era, a veteran has a good bond with weed pens and it sure does look so good to have one. So why not have one yourself? It is easily accessible and hits you quickly the way you want. In the modern market, cannabis and hemp can be found in so many different ways like pills, capsules, oils etc but the most fashionable way is to keep a Vape Pen. THC vape pen like an ordinary vape pen with the full effects of cannabinoids.

In the trends, people use several other Vape Pens but third parties will never compromise on their cut rather they will get a shaken ground for the quality of the production. But, don’t worry, our labs are ISO Certified and we never compromise the quality of our products. We assure our customers to trust us in all ways and purchase so we can spread good word of mouth.

What is a THC Vape Pen or Weed Pen?

All of the marketing aside, but what exactly is a weed pen? You might have had experience using joints of hemp and cannabis. So this is exactly that but held in a tube for a fashionable portable look, ready to be used anywhere, anytime.

Our weed pens are equipped with tested lithium-ion batteries, don’t worry, these batteries do not explode. So when you smoke through it, the smoke goes through the bloodstream kicking in the effect the way you want—all you want to inhale and let your lungs deal with it.

How to Use Weed Pen or THC Vape Pen?

These vape pens are just like ordinary ones. It is no rocket science, just press the button and inhale the smoke. But we shall rather break down everything for you so you know how your weed pen works and you may sound cool if anyone asks you about it.

So your weed pen comes with a set of batteries, a cartridge, and an inhaling tip. Just assemble it through and make sure your batteries are charged otherwise it can give low voltage to the mechanism and cause damage to the coil and disposables. Once, you have everything ready, press the power button if there is any, inhale through the tips and let there be smoke in your lungs to kick in the elevated experience for you.

Pros and Cons of Weed Pens:

Since we always talk about impartiality we are going to tell you the brighter side as well as the darker side of our Vape Pens. Although the experience might differ from the other vape pens we assure our quality control. So, to break it down following are our Pros and Cons.

  • Pros:
  • Kicks in the effect instantly.
  • Our vapes have no odour or smell like other joints and spliffs etc
  • It can be used discreetly at your discretion
  • We have a wide variety of flavours and strains
  • No lengthy and expensive maintenance is required
  • Cons:
  • Do not forget to charge your battery otherwise low voltage can cause damage to the vape
  • Smoke is not everyone’s thing, so you will have to use it with caution in public or around family and friends
  • You can overdose yourself if you keep on puffing without a break
  • Low voltages can cause severe damage or even make it inoperable

Disposable Weed Pen vs Vape Devices:

So, we have two kinds of weed puffing devices, one is disposable weed pens and the other one is a vape device. What’s the difference? A disposable weed pen is a precharged device which loses energy over the time as you puff through it. It is not rechargeable and not refillable with the flavours. Once, you have smoked it completely, it is useless and must be disposed of.

Rather, our Vape devices are rechargeable and come with a set of batteries. You can always change the flavours and do maintenance when you need. It can be reused as long as you want and cartridges can be changed anytime. Also, you can add your custom flavours whereas disposable pens do not allow this luxury.

The Best Weed Pens

There might be so many other companies and they might be offering you a lot of promotions on their devices but never compromise on your health. Always use the trustworthy companies and products that you might use for life.

TRĒ House is a SoCal-based company which offers you the best next-level flavourful vape experience. They are known for their God Level vaping devices that can kick your elevation experience up to the stratosphere. They do have a lot of flavours and strains for you. Also, they are ISO Certified and you don’t have to be worried about any such chemical compound that might be dangerous for your health lately. So order at all ease and enjoy the best of your vaping experience.