What Is Simulation Distance In Minecraft?

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Minecraft, a sandbox game that has captured the hearts of millions, offers a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities. To enhance the gameplay experience, Minecraft includes a feature called “Simulation Distance.” In this blog, we’ll delve into what Simulation Distance is in Minecraft, how it affects your gameplay, and how you can adjust it to optimize your Minecraft adventures.

What Is Simulation Distance In Minecraft?

Simulation Distance, often referred to as “sim distance,” is a game setting in Minecraft that determines how far from your character the game actively simulates and renders the game world. Essentially, it sets the distance within which the game calculates and displays changes and activities. It plays a crucial role in balancing performance and visual fidelity in the game.

Key Aspects Of Simulation Distance:

  1. Rendering and Simulation: Simulation Distance affects both rendering (what you see) and simulation (what happens) in Minecraft. It determines the range within which the game updates blocks, entities, and other elements.
  2. Performance vs. Visuals: Adjusting Simulation Distance allows players to find a balance between game performance and visual quality. Lower values improve performance but limit how much of the world you can see, while higher values provide a more expansive view but can strain your computer’s resources.
  3. Chunk Loading: In Minecraft, the game world is divided into chunks, each comprising a 16×16 block area. Simulation Distance controls how many chunks are actively loaded around your character.

How Does Simulation Distance Impact Gameplay?

  1. Performance: Simulation Distance significantly influences the game’s performance. Lower values reduce the computational load on your system, resulting in smoother gameplay on less powerful hardware.
  2. Resource Management: By adjusting Simulation Distance, players can manage system resources more effectively. This is particularly important for players with limited computing power or memory.
  3. Exploration: A higher Simulation Distance allows for a broader view of the world, making it easier to explore distant lands and locate structures or biomes. However, it can be resource-intensive.
  4. Farming and Mob Spawning: Simulation Distance affects mob spawning and the functioning of farms. For example, crops will only grow, and mobs will only spawn or move within the set Simulation Distance.

How To Adjust Simulation Distance?

To change the Simulation Distance in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Game: Start Minecraft and load your world or create a new one.
  2. Access Video Settings: Press the ‘Esc’ key to open the in-game menu. Click on “Options,” then “Video Settings.”
  3. Adjust Simulation Distance: Locate the “Simulation Distance” slider in the Video Settings menu. Slide it left or right to increase or decrease the Simulation Distance. You can see a preview of how it affects your view distance in the background.
  4. Save Settings: Once you’ve adjusted the Simulation Distance to your preference, click “Done” to save your settings.


Simulation Distance in Minecraft is a vital setting that allows players to tailor their gaming experience to their hardware capabilities and preferences. Whether you prioritize smooth performance or breathtaking vistas, understanding and adjusting Simulation Distance can help you make the most of your adventures in the blocky, endlessly creative world of Minecraft. So, experiment with this setting and embark on your next Minecraft journey with newfound control and flexibility.

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What Should I Set My Simulation Distance In Minecraft?

Realms worlds use a simulation distance of 9 chunks in Java Edition and 4 chunks in Bedrock Edition. Regardless of simulation distance, mobs with persistence do not despawn, and fish always despawn when they are more than 40 blocks from the nearest player.

Is Higher Simulation Distance Better In Minecraft?

The higher the simulation distance, the more chunks the game will load and simulate, which can result in a more immersive and detailed game experience. However, higher simulation distance also requires more processing power and memory, which can cause performance issues on lower-end computers.

What Does Simulation Distance 4 Chunks Mean In Minecraft?

Simulation distance is how far away the game will actually load entities and apply changes to them. Render distance is how far away the game will load chunks and show the blocks. If you have a farm about 4 chunks from yourself and the simulation distance is 4 then the farm will grow.

Does Simulation Distance Affect Fps?

Since players cannot really see these details when they are far away, the Simulation Distance can be set to low to increase the overall FPS (frames per second) of the game.

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