What Is TISM?

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What Is TISM?

TISM, short for “This Is Serious Mum,” was an Australian band that formed in the mid-1980s and gained a cult following for their unique blend of punk, rock, and satire. While they never achieved mainstream success, TISM remains an important and influential band in the Australian music scene. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of TISM, their music and themes, and their legacy.

History Of TISM

TISM formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983, and quickly gained a reputation for their provocative and satirical lyrics, energetic live performances, and distinctive stage costumes. The band’s lineup consisted of seven members, all of whom used pseudonyms and wore matching outfits and masks during performances. TISM’s early music was a mix of punk, rock, and electronic sounds, with lyrics that tackled political and social issues, as well as pop culture and the music industry.

Over the years, TISM released several albums, including “Great Truckin’ Songs of the Renaissance” (1988), “Machiavelli and the Four Seasons” (1995), and “The White Albun” (2004). Despite critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, the band never achieved mainstream success, partly due to their controversial and irreverent lyrics and image.

Themes And Music Of TISM

TISM’s music is characterized by a mix of genres, including punk, rock, electronic, and even disco. The band’s sound often features heavy guitar riffs, synthesizers, and catchy hooks, all anchored by the distinctive vocals of lead singer Ron Hitler-Barassi.

However, it’s TISM’s lyrics that truly set them apart from other bands. The band’s satirical and often confrontational lyrics tackled a wide range of subjects, including politics, religion, consumerism, and pop culture. TISM’s songs were known for their dark humor and biting social commentary, with lyrics that were sometimes offensive and always provocative.

Some of TISM’s most famous songs include “Greg! The Stop Sign!!” (1995), a satirical take on the dangers of road safety campaigns, “Whatareya?” (1998), a critique of Australian culture and identity, and “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” (2004), a wistful look at sexual frustration and loneliness.

Legacy Of TISM

While TISM may not have achieved mainstream success during their career, the band’s impact on the Australian music scene cannot be understated. TISM’s unique blend of satire, punk, and rock paved the way for other Australian acts to explore similar themes and sounds. The band’s uncompromising approach to music and lyrics also inspired many fans to embrace their outsider status and reject the mainstream.

TISM’s legacy also extends beyond music. The band’s confrontational approach to social commentary and their willingness to challenge authority and conventional wisdom continue to inspire artists and activists today. TISM’s influence can be seen in the work of other Australian bands, such as The Chats and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, as well as in the broader Australian counterculture.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TISM was an influential Australian band that combined punk, rock, and satire to create a unique and provocative sound. The band’s music and lyrics tackled political, social, and cultural issues with dark humor and biting commentary, and their legacy continues to inspire artists and activists today. While TISM may not have achieved mainstream success, their impact on the Australian music scene and broader counterculture is undeniable, and their music remains as relevant and entertaining as ever.

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