What Is Wasian?

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In our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, people are embracing their multicultural backgrounds, and new terms are emerging to help describe these unique identities. “Wasian” is one such term that has gained recognition in recent years. It refers to individuals with mixed heritage, specifically those of both white and Asian ancestry. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of “Wasian,” its significance, and how it reflects the evolving understanding of identity.

What Is Wasian?

The term “Wasian” is a portmanteau of “white” and “Asian.” It has gained popularity as a way for individuals to acknowledge and celebrate their mixed heritage, especially in regions with significant populations of both white and Asian backgrounds. As people explore and embrace their diverse identities, terms like “Wasian” provide a sense of belonging and recognition.

The Significance Of “Wasian”

  1. Acknowledgment of Multicultural Heritage: “Wasian” is a reflection of the complex multicultural world we live in today. It recognizes that identities are not limited to a single culture or ethnicity but can be a blend of multiple backgrounds.
  2. Representation: Identifying as “Wasian” allows individuals to find a sense of community and representation. It can be a source of pride for those who might have felt marginalized or overlooked in the past.
  3. Challenging Stereotypes: Terms like “Wasian” challenge stereotypes and assumptions about what a person of a certain background should look like or how they should identify. It highlights the diversity and fluidity of identity.
  4. Self-Expression: Self-identifying as “Wasian” is a personal choice, allowing individuals to express their own experiences, connections, and sense of self.

Identity And Personal Experience

It’s important to note that the term “Wasian” is just one of many used to describe individuals with mixed racial or ethnic backgrounds. People often choose the label that resonates most with their personal experiences and heritage. As our understanding of identity continues to evolve, more terms like “Wasian” may emerge to help individuals navigate the complexities of their multicultural backgrounds.

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The Challenges And Benefits Of Multicultural Identity

Identifying as “Wasian” or any similar term can come with challenges, such as questions about cultural authenticity or dealing with stereotypes. However, it can also bring numerous benefits, including a broader perspective, a rich cultural heritage, and a strong sense of belonging within multicultural communities.


“Wasian” is a term that reflects the complex and diverse world in which we live. It is one of many ways individuals choose to express their multicultural backgrounds and identity. Embracing terms like “Wasian” underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating the rich tapestry of human heritage and experience, and it encourages society to appreciate the beauty of diversity.


What Is The Wasian Nationality?

“Wasian”—a portmanteau of “white” and “Asian”—is a neologism referring to people of white and Asian descent (see also #wasiancheck on TikTok).

Where Did The Term Hapa Come From?

The word “hapa” is the Hawaiian transliteration of the English word “half.” Much of its current usage derives from the phrase hapa haole, meaning “half white.” The phrase was originally coined by native Hawaiians to describe the mixed offspring resulting from encounters between islanders and White settlers.

How Many Wasians Are There In The World?

The current population of Asia is 4,762,947,441 as of Sunday, October 22, 2023, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Asia population is equivalent to 59.22% of the total world population.

What Is Chinese Ethnicity Called?

Han Chinese people, the largest ethnic group in China, are often wrongly referred to as “Chinese” or “ethnic Chinese” in English. The Han Chinese also form a majority or notable minority in other countries, and they comprise approximately 18% of the global human population.

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