Top 10 Richest Housewives

Are you eager to know about the richest housewives? In this article, I will introduce you to the top 10 richest housewives in the world. The richest housewife has been ranked on the basis of their net worth. I have listed below the top 10 richest housewives according to their wealth.

List Of Top 10 Richest Housewives

I will share here the top 10 richest housewives. Let’s go through the list of names of the richest housewife.

  1. Kathy Hilton – $350 Million
  2. Kyle Richards – $100 Million
  3. Lisa Vanderpump – $90 Million
  4. Bethenny Frankel – $75 Million
  5. Lea Black – $70 Million
  6. Dorit Kemsley – $50 Million
  7. Sutton Stracke – $50 million
  8. Yolanda Hadid – $45 Million
  9. Tinsley Mortimer – $35 Million
  10. Jill Zarin – $30 million 

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Top 10 Richest Housewives

Do you know who are the richest housewives? If you don’t know then I will give you the names and a brief introduction of the top 10 richest housewives.

  1. Kathy Hilton – $350 Million

Kathy Hilton - $350 Million

Kathy Hilton is the richest of all the richest real housewives. She launched a line of cocktails and the Kathy Hilton Collection of high-end party dresses which were sold in over 400 stores around the country, in 2012. Kathy and her husband got more benefits from the real estate industry. Kathy Hilton’s net worth is $350 million and her major worth comes from her husband’s incredible fortune.

  1. Kyle Richards – $100 Million

Kyle Richards - $100 Million

According to you which housewife is the richest? The answer is Kyle Richards is the richest housewife in Beverly Hills in season (2010) she was earning $500 thousand per season for the past several years. In the first season, she made about $134 thousand. Kyle Richards’s net worth is $100 million which came from her fashion and other business ventures. Also, other wealth came from her husband Mauricio Umansky, whose worth is about $40 million.

  1. Lisa Vanderpump – $90 Million

Lisa Vanderpump - $90 Million

Lisa Vanderpump’s net worth is $90 million. She was earning $500 thousand per season over the course of her 10 on the Richest Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Also, she creates $1 million per season on the show Vanderpump Rules and $500 thousand for leader producing the series. While she married Ken Todd (worth $100 million) her worth increased by $100 million.

  1. Bethenny Frankel – $75 Million

Bethenny Frankel - $75 Million

Bethenny Frankel appeared in the 9th season of the Real Housewives of New York. She made $1 million per season, which is near about $40 thousand per episode. Most of Frankel’s wealth came from her company after being the CEO and founder of the company Skinnygirl. Frankel becomes one of the richest real housewives alive because of selling cocktails and deli meats.

  1. Lea Black – $70 Million

Lea Black - $70 Million

Lea is a businesswoman out of Miami, Florida who has made her worth outside of television. Although she did star on the Real Housewives of Miami, also she has created and sold over 400 different beauty products since starting her Sudden Youth Skincare brand in 1985. She married criminal defense attorney Roy Black, who is a multi-millionaire, which increase Lea’s net worth figure.

  1. Dorit Kemsley – $50 Million

Dorit Kemsley - $50 Million

Dorit is prominent on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dating before to the airing of season seven. She makes $100 thousand a season on the series. Later she started her own swimwear clothing brand called Beverly Beach and also her own bridal collection Nektaria, from which she profits very much. She is a television star who is married to a millionaire successful real estate developer and celebrity manager Paul Kemsley.

  1. Sutton Stracke – $50 million

Sutton Stracke - $50 million

Sutton Stracke is the richest housewife of all time, whose net worth is $50 million. The wealth makes per season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not confirmed. She is not only personal friends with both Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, but also has fittings in the developer’s private home.

  1. Yolanda Hadid – $45 Million

Yolanda Hadid - $45 Million

People knew Yolanda for being the mom of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, also being on four seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was making $500 thousand each season. Yolanda’s net worth is $45 million however she is one of the richest real housewives who gained the bulk of her worth through a divorce settlement.

  1. Tinsley Mortimer – $35 Million

Tinsley Mortimer - $35 Million

Tinsley Mortimer got her wealth from her family and her divorce settlement with her husband. Also, she earned $300 thousand per season during her time on The Real Housewives of New York.

  1. Jill Zarin – $30 million

Jill Zarin - $30 million 

Jill is considered an OG of the Genuine Housewives of New York. At the time of her flight, Zarin was making $200 thousand a season. She is a genuine domain specialist, a businesswoman, as well as an on-screen character.

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Who Is The Highest Paid Housewife 2020?

The highest-paid Housewives title goes to RHOA star Kandi Burruss. The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and entrepreneur wasn’t even one of the original Housewives on the show, having joined in 2009 for Season 2.

Who Is The Highest Paid Housewife Star?

As for how much she made, Nene has highest salary of any Housewife due to RHOA’s massive ratings compared to other cities. (It’s one of the few Housewives shows to have more than 4 million weekly viewers.) According to Radar Online, Nene made $2.85 million per season at the time she left the show.

Do Real Housewives Get Paid?

‘Real Housewives’ Salaries Revealed, Highest Paid ‘Housewife’ Makes More Than $2 Million Per Season! The salaries of the Real Housewives stars has been a much debated and rumored topic on the Internet.

Who Is The Richest Woman In 2022?

The granddaughter of the L’Oréal founder, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers was the wealthiest woman in the world as of April 2022. Her and her family’s net worth was estimated at 74.8 billion U.S. dollars. Alice Walton, the daughter of the Walmart founder, was ranked second with 65.3 billion U.S. dollars in net worth.

Who Is The Most Successful Housewife?

And the award for most successful Real Housewife of all time is Porsha Williams with a score of 88.5. So what makes Porsha so successful? Well she has a net worth of $5million, has released four books, has nearly 7 million followers on Instagram and 370,000 on TikTok.

Who Are The Highest Paid Real Housewives?

“The RHOA ladies make a bit more since they have the highest ratings, Brian explained, according to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly. As Brian shared, the highest-paid current housewife is Kandi Burruss, who makes $2 million per season.


I shared above the richest housewife and introduce them according to their net worth. Also, we discussed who is the richest real housewife, the richest real housewife in Beverly Hills. I hope that this article will help you to collect the information about the top 10 richest housewives.

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