Top 10 Richest State In USA

Are you curious to learn about the richest state in America? The United States, commonly known as America, is a federal republic with 50 states in North America. Perhaps the greatest strength of the United States is its great diversity. Its physical habitats include arctic and subtropical regions, lush rainforests and dry deserts, and rugged mountain peaks and flat prairies. The country has some of the largest urban areas in the world and one of the largest landscapes that are almost completely devoid of human habitation. But do you know Which state is richest in USA and how did they get so rich? So let’s start out today’s topic of the richest state in America.   

List Of Top 10 Richest State In USA

The richest state in USA list is mentioned below according to the GPD and per capita.

  1. Maryland
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New Jersey
  4. New Hampshire
  5. New York 
  6. California
  7. Hawaii
  8. Washington
  9. Connecticut
  10. Colorado

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Top 10 Richest State In USA

From the above list of the richest state in USA, there are 10 states in the US. let’s know more about them.

  1. Maryland


Maryland’s median household income data, which is about $84,000, makes it the most richest state in USA. The Port of Baltimore handles a huge variety of raw materials and other bulk goods. Maryland has the lowest poverty rate in the US at 9%. Maryland is such a wealthy state because it is close to Washington, DC, and most Maryland residents work there.

  1. Massachusetts


Massachusetts is known as a center for higher education and healthcare, these two areas have more employees than any other state and the highest number of residents with bachelor’s degrees. With a median household income of $85,843, Massachusetts has every reason to be the second wealthiest state in America.

  1. New Jersey

New Jersey

New Jersey’s proximity to metropolitan giants New York City and Philadelphia greatly influenced wealth. New Jersey is the wealthiest state in the nation, with a median household income of $85,751. New Jersey ranks high among all states for educational quality and educational attainment. Apart form the what is the richest state in the world, New Jersey is wealthiest in the USA.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the wealthiest state in the United States, with a median household income of $76,768 as of 2019. The state has a low unemployment rate, at 2.9%, and the lowest poverty rate in the entire United States at 7.42%. In terms of education, New Hampshire ranks above other states, thanks to several prestigious institutions for higher education.

  1. New York

New York 

New York is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people, from high-profile celebrities to billionaire hedge fund managers. The study calculated the highest number of millionaires per city around the world and found that New York City is the richest state in US by GDP per capita of $88,349. New York has dozens of institutions of higher learning, many of which offer bachelor’s degrees.

  1. California


California’s economy is larger than many countries and continents, and the state accounts for one-seventh of the country’s gross domestic product. California, the nation’s most populous state, has the largest state GDP at $3,120,386,000. California’s median household income is $80,440, the sixth highest and the richest state in USA in revenue.

  1. Hawaii


Hawaii may be known for its beaches and laid-back surfer mentality, but living in the Aloha State costs a pretty penny. The downside to all of this is that Hawaii is the most expensive state in America to live in, with the median home price rising to an incredible $636,451. Much of this wealth comes from the tourism and defense industries, pushing the median household income to $83,102.

  1. Washington


Washington is home to many large companies, such as Amazon, which means higher household incomes for the state, but the rising cost of living, especially with the high median home price, adds up to $409,228. The median household income for Washington is $78,687, well below the national average and it is the richest state in US per capita.

  1. Connecticut


In terms of per capita income, Connecticut is the richest state in the United States of America. Its wealth is a result of several large employers in key sectors such as commodities and pharmaceuticals operating from the state, providing high incomes to its residents. Connecticut has seen steady growth over the years.

  1. Colorado


Mountainous Colorado has become a better home for many of its residents over the years, increasing its median household income to $77,127 while reducing the number of families dependent on food stamp assistance. Colorado is recognized as one of the top 50 richest states in USA for business, and business is a major economic force in the state, followed by federal government jobs.

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What Is The Richest U.S. City?

The total private wealth held by New York residents was found to exceed $3 trillion. New York City is home to more rich people than any other city in the world, according to a new report by investment migration consultancy Henley & Partners.

What State Is The Richest In The U.S. 2022?


Did your state make the cut? Maryland may have a relatively low median home value compared to many other places in the United States, but the Old Line State has the highest median household income in the country, making it the richest state in America for 2022.

Which State Has Strongest Economy In U.S.?

GDP per capita also varied widely throughout the United States in 2021, with New York ($93,463), Massachusetts ($91,130), and Washington state ($86,265) recording the three highest GDP per capita figures in the U.S., while Mississippi ($42,411), Arkansas ($47,770), and West Virginia ($49,017) recorded the three lowest.

What’s The Poorest State In U.S.?

Mississippi. Mississippi is the poorest U.S. state, with 18.8% of its residents living in poverty. The state also has the highest child poverty rate, with 27.9% of its under-18 population meeting federal poverty guidelines. Fifteen percent of residents are food insecure.

What Is America’s Happiest State?


WalletHub this week released its “Happiest States in America” list for 2022, ranking Hawaii as No. 1.

What Are The Ten Poorest Cities In The US?

What are the 10 poorest cities in the US? 30 Places in America That Are Getting Poorer. Las Vegas. Change in per capita income: $6,513. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Change in per capita income: $9,898. Fresno, California. Change in per capita income: $4,505. Reno, Nevada. Stockton, California. Kansas City, Missouri. Columbus, Ohio. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Today we share a nice article regarding the how many richest states in the USA and why they are rich. The history and economics of America’s richest states reflect the ever-changing dynamics of industries and services that shape the nation’s future. The United States of America itself is one of the richest, most powerful, and most developed countries in the world. Looking to the future, America’s wealthiest states will continue to evolve, as new technologies such as artificial intelligence continue to advance and innovate. The above information was all about the richest state in USA

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